DIST Digital Storytelling



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The Guide “Storytelling For Training” (in E-format) addressed to trainers, will explain how to use storytelling and the videos produced by the project for training. The guide will focus on:

-principles and utility of storytelling in training

-how to choose and collect stories

-the features of the videos and related E-training course produced

-how to use the videos in face to face training in a class / workshop settings.

As for the last point, the Guide will contain the lesson plans of 2 different 15 hours face to face workshops addressed A. to aspirant entrepreneurs and VET trainers and B. entrepreneurs. The workshops could be used stand alone or inserted inside VET courses. The goal for the training described in the Guide is differentiated. When used with aspirant entrepreneurs the goal of the training will be make trainees aware of main difficulties and satisfactions in setting up a business or an independent activity, which sector looks promising in own country, what transversal skills are needed and more in general what means and how to develop sense of initiatives and entrepreneurship. When used with entrepreneurs the goal for the training will be make entrepreneurs compare their qualities and strategies with qualities and strategies of the entrepreneurs featured in the video, and discuss with other entrepreneurs how improve the managing of their activities. Available on July 2017.