DIST Digital Storytelling



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Plain videos: 15 young entrepreneurs in every partner country will be interviewed and video recorded twice according to a structured grid. The first interview will be based on the development of the business eliciting biographical and motivational aspects. The second interview will focus on day to day management eliciting transversal competencies requested for managing a business. In every partner country, the young entrepreneurs interviewed will belong to innovative sectors and sectors with good market opportunities.

Enhanced full videos:

In every partner country among the 15 entrepreneurs interviewed, 5 will be chosen as the most interesting and from their 2 hours interview an enhanced video of 1 hour will be produced.

To produce the enhanced full videos the interviews will be edited cutting idle times, adding an initial presentation, subtitles (captions) in national language and graphics and text

highlighting the most significant points. A set of questions will also be added at the end so to foster reflection. The videos will be placed on a dedicated channel on YouTube and linked by the project website. Available on September 2017.

Thematic VET videos:

This thematic  version VET will be used for training of entrepreneurs and aspirant entrepreneurs. The enhanced full videos will be edited and split and the most significant parts will be assembled for producing thematic videos. Thematic videos will be produced on each of the following topics:  motivation/reasons for creating the company; the educational and professional path; the development of the business idea; the main obstacles incurred in and kind of support received, personal competencies requested in developing and managing a business;  decision making; creativity / problem solving; setting goals / planning; communicating / Listening / Negotiating; leadership / team building; monitoring / Diagnosing; larning from experience; time management; stress management; life work balance. There will be one video for each of the biographical and motivational aspects and one video for every competency developed/used in entrepreneurship. Graphics and text will highlight the most significant points and final questions foster reflection. These 15 videos will be about 10 minutes each, and placed on a dedicated channel on YouTube. Every partner will translate and add subtitles in national language. Available on September 2017.